Door-To-Door Sales and Canvassers

Solicitors, peddlers, and canvassers are allowed in Minnetonka.

Every resident and business has the right to prohibit peddlers and solicitors from their property. If you post a sign on your home or business that prohibits solicitors, they are not permitted to approach your property.

If you have a complaint about a door-to-door salesperson or soliciting party, immediately contact the Minnetonka Police Department at 952.939.8500.

Notification of solicitors, peddlers and canvassers

Updated: Tuesday, December 9, 2014, 3:52 pm

Licenses for solicitors, peddlers, and canvassers

For-profit sale of products or services requires a license from the city. Only licensed peddlers and solicitors will have a photo ID issued by the city. The city does not endorse any specific product or service by the issuing of this license. View the for profit peddlers, solicitors and canvassers license application.

Charitable organizations conducting door-to-door sales or solicitations do not need a license, unless they pay their solicitors. However, the city does request that charitable organizations register. View the non-profit peddlers, solicitors and canvassers license application.