Stay safe with wood stoves, fireplaces

Posted: Thursday, October 25, 2012, 1:10 pm

With average temperatures in the 30s, this is the time of year many people begin enjoying wood stoves and fireplaces. The Minnetonka Fire Department wants you to stay safe, so please follow these tips to prevent unwanted fires:

  • Have your fireplace cleaned professionally at least once per year, to clean out soot and creosote that can ignite and burn.
  • Have your wood stove professionally cleaned before first use.
  • Burn seasoned, dry hard woods like oak, maple, birch and hickory.
  • Remove ashes in a metal container and store them outside (not in your garage!), away from combustibles. Never put ashes in a plastic container.
  • Use a fireplace screen to keep sparks and logs contained.
  • Remember, ashes and embers stay hot for days after a fire.