City Council Meeting Procedures

Input from residents is important: your participation is appreciated.

This information will help you understand the process and procedures for City Council meetings. For further assistance, please view the below information, view the council rules or procedure or contact any staff member at 952.939.8200.

Meeting times

The Minnetonka City Council meets two times a month at 6:30 p.m. with the mayor as presiding officer for regular meetings. The mayor and council members each have a single vote. Four members constitute a quorum. Most council motions require a majority vote for passage, but the agenda notes the specific voting requirement for each item.

The council also holds work session meetings once a month on Monday. All meetings, unless otherwise noted, are open to the public.

All regular council meetings and some work sessions are broadcast live and replayed on Minnetonka’s Cable Television Channel 16. Online videostreaming is also available for some meetings. Dates of upcoming meetings can be found on the City Council meetings page.


  • Copies of the meeting agenda are available just outside the entrance to the Council Chambers.
  • Assistive listening devices are available upon request from staff in the Audio/Visual Control Room located outside the Council Chambers.
  • If you are addressing the council on an agenda item or making a presentation, a pointer system is offered in the Council Chambers to make your presentation more effective. Feel free to try this technology before the meeting.

The Agenda

Special Matters

Deals with items such as awards, proclamations, special recognition, etc.

Reports from Council Members

Provides council members an opportunity to report on items which directly or indirectly relate to the city.

Citizens Wishing to Discuss Matters not on the Agenda

For individuals who wish to address the council on subjects which are not a part of the meeting agenda. Typically, the council will not take action on items presented at this time, but will refer them to staff for review, action and/or recommendation for future council action.

Bids and Purchases

Action is taken on city purchases and project bid items.

Consent Agenda

Covers routine administrative matters. These items are not discussed, and may all be approved as recommended on the staff reports. The mayor will provide an opportunity for a council member or citizen to ask that an item be pulled from the Consent Agenda for discussion. Items pulled will receive separate action. All items not removed from the Consent Agenda will be approved by a single motion of the council.

Public Hearing

Held as a separate item of business on the agenda. The public hearing segment is your opportunity to tell the council how you feel about issues scheduled to be heard. Typically, a hearing follows these steps:

  • Staff makes presentation
  • Council members ask questions for clarification
  • Mayor opens hearing to the public
  • Public gives input
  • Mayor closes the public hearing
  • Council discusses the item
  • Council takes action

When you’re called upon for your comments, please step to the microphone at the podium and state your name and address for the record.

Occasionally, the council may continue a hearing to another meeting before taking action.

Other Business

Items intended primarily for council discussion and action. The mayor has discretion as to what, if any, public comments will be heard on these items.


Various advisory board, commission, committee or task force appointments are made.

Feedback welcome

Your input is welcome, and your participation is appreciated.